House construction. Construction of houses from LVL.

Construction of houses from LVL is one of the main applications of lumber. Due to flexibility during house designing you can get hardscape elements of any complexity.

Savings are achieved due to application of cost-effective foundations, use of standard components, installation speed.
Fast assembly due to application of pre-fabricated panels, construction of lightweight high-strength frame without use of heavy equipment.
Light weight of structures reduces load on the ground and allows application of cost-effective foundations types.
Application of wooden frames and modern insulating materials allows to construct "breathing houses": warm in winter, cool in summer.
Houses have little or no shrinkage.

House construction.

LVL is mainly used it in construction of houses. LVL is very flexible in terms of its use in any hardscape elements.


Agricultural facilities.

Another area of LVL application is construction of agricultural facilities of any complexity.


Sport and cultural facilities

Sport and cultural facilities of any complexity can be constructed from LVL. It can be used as a facility individual element.