Reconstruction of old housing stock, mansard truss roof construction

Application of LVL in reconstruction of old buildings is maintaining of the buildings true appearance and conservation of previous centuries traditions.
LVL has a number of benefits compared with other materials.
Laminated veneer lumber structures do not require reinforced foundations and bearing structures due to sufficient margin of safety, i.e. the old foundation and bearing walls of the building need no changes;

Simplicity and low weight of lumber structures allow installation without heavy machinery. For example, 12x0,3x0,33 m beam weighs only 60 kg;

Material is perfectly processed by any cutting tools;

No cold joints occurrence in the cavities and fasteners and connection elements. Prevention of condensate and rotting;

 Absolute accuracy of elements geometrical sizes up to a few millimeters;

Maintains dimensional stability regardless of seasonal and time factors;

No maintenance costs. For example, in case of metal application it’s necessary to refresh structures coating each 3-4 years to prevent corrosion, but it is not always possible.


House construction.

LVL is mainly used it in construction of houses. LVL is very flexible in terms of its use in any hardscape elements.


Agricultural facilities.

Another area of LVL application is construction of agricultural facilities of any complexity.


Sport and cultural facilities

Sport and cultural facilities of any complexity can be constructed from LVL. It can be used as a facility individual element.